No, really, these glasses look great on you

January 5, 2016 | 09:44
No, really, these glasses look great on you
No, really, these glasses look great on you
The objective of this new virtual reality (VR) system that combines technologies from two companies is to add fingertip and hand tracking together with gesture recognition to embedded VR platforms in order to improve realism.

Based on the new NU3000 processor from Inuitive, the company with an unintuitive name, it runs state-of-the-art gesture recognition algorithms from Gestigon, another company with an unintuitive name.

The NU3000 incorporates two CEVA MM3101 high-performance, low-power imaging and computer vision vector DSP cores. In addition, it integrates a dedicated hardware accelerator capable of extracting real-time depth maps from stereo vision input captured with standard low-cost cameras. The gesture recognition algorithms have been customized and optimized to run directly on the new processor.

A prototype assembled on an Oculus Rift development kit will be on display on CES 2016 that kicks off tomorrow.
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