Now available in the Elektor Store is the 12th issue of the series of bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception. This issue is jam packed with an editorial, tutorials, circuit design, room acoustics designs, book reviews and ideas and innovations, guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours.

A range of topics are covered in this bookzine to peak your interest, such as the life and work of Oliver Sacks, error correction in power amplifiers and getting to the root cause of slewing asymmetry.

We also see Douglas Self set out to design the Devinyliser, Eugene Dvoskin come up with Low-cost superregs and Burkhard Vogel returns with the Glowing Noisemaker Reloaded.

Also included are two book reviews about the 3rd edition of Douglas Self' Self on Audio, and Menno Vanderveen's Trans Tube Amplifiers that provide useful insights in to both the content and relevance of the publications.

So with all this, and more, there will be plenty to feed your audio appetite. So get to the Elektor Store today to enjoy another issue of the Linear Audio series and get your hands on all the creative, innovative and thought provoking articles!