Our September and October edition is ready for you!

August 14, 2017 | 00:00
Our September and October edition is ready for you!
Our September and October edition is ready for you!
It’s that time again – our September and October 2017 Elektor edition is now available for purchase! You can get your printed copy posted direct to your door for free, with no shipping costs at all, or the completely identical online version is available for instant download by GOLD and GREEN members here.

This issue is packed full or things to keep you entertained, one of which is the Raspberry Pi Zero W. This article looks at the mini version of the Raspberry Pi — the Zero W — and how to not only get started with it but to make the most of all its capabilities. It also gives a practical project to put it all in to action and see what it can do.

An exciting LabsProject featured in this edition is the GoNotify. This project looks at a flexible IOT sensor interface and how you can connect anything you like to the right sensor in the right place and keep an eye on it from a remote location. Definitely not a project to miss.

As if that’s not enough to keep you busy, this edition also boasts a project aptly named candle2light — using the IoT to convert heat from a candle flame to electrical energy so you can read your book by candlelight, an article focusing on how to make iPad and iPhone apps easily while using Wi-Fi and BLE to control things remotely, and also an Impedance Analyzer HomeLab Project — a deep-tech project looking at the construction of an analyzer to produce a chart of impedance and loss factors over a wide frequency range so that you can measure the values and loss factors of inductors and capacitors at various frequencies.

This edition of Elektor Magazine also includes the usual array of projects, articles and reviews for you to read through, as well as the usual projects of the Elektor Labs and HomeLabs variety, Retronics (on early movie sound systems), Hexadoku and Ethics. So click here to get your copy today to enjoy it all in the comfort of your own home.
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