Elektor Business Magazine aims to establish a busy bidirectional link between the electronics industry and research institutions on the one hand and ambitious hardware and software developers in homelabs, startups, spinouts, and on the other. In fact the magazine is in place wherever solid guidance is required on a journey of high-tech inspiration.

The latest 44-page edition of Elektor Business Magazine is unequivocally linked to this year’s Embedded World event both in terms of content and timing of the publication. We have secured articles from companies active in the buzz fields identified as Embedded and IoT — and not just from industry leading ones like NXP/Freescale and Intel, and but also from trendsetters, pure inventors, and rising stars like Congatec, GreenPeak, Imagination Technologies, and Clarinox. We also got some high ranking officials of these companies to speak out (in just 250 words!) on the security and future of IoT.

Elektor Business Magazine is published synchronously in English and German, with a printed copy supplied to Elektor GOLD members, and a free download for everyone else to pull from our website (see ‘ATTACHMENT’ below).