SiC  & Power Modules
At PCIM, Panasonic is showcasing its original Diode-Integrated MOSFET (DioMOS) technology on a newly developed 6 inch SiC wafer process. Panasonic will also show a line-up of power modules that maximize the performance of the built-in semiconductor chips, for both industrial and automotive applications. Visitors to the booth will experience a concept demo of an inverter unit, which demonstrates an optimised function block made possible by combining the capabilities of Panasonic’s active and passive components. 
 SoftPGS –  28 W/mK Thermal Interface Material
Panasonic’s SoftPGS is the next step for the Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet (PGS) portfolio, which is one of the thinnest thermal solutions in the world. Its industry-leading thermal conductivity of 1950 W/m K is five times higher than common materials like copper. SoftPGS has been developed as a thermal interface material (TIM) and boasts a high thermal conductivity of 28 W/m K, compressibility of 40%, easy handling and high reliability over its whole product life. SoftPGS graphite sheet consists of a 2D carbon matrix only 200 µm thick, which effectively disperses and transfers heat along X,Y and Z axes, protecting sensitive electronics like server units, IGBT modules or common inventors from damage.
Energy Polymer Capacitors
Panasonic bridges the gap between batteries and super-capacitors with its newly developed Energy Polymer Capacitor reaching energy densities comparable to lead acid batteries while keeping the high power density of supercapacitors. Panasonic Energy Polymer Capacitor will enable new solutions for backup power, peak power assist and regenerative storage applications.
Automotive Power Electronics 
Panasonic provides comprehensive automotive power electronics solutions for HEVs/EVs dedicated to enhancing system efficiency, increasing power density, compacting design and minimising system costs. Key elements for hybrid and electric vehicles are offered such as innovative automotive power modules and state of the art DC link film capacitors with low ESR, low ESL and high ripple current capability. The challenge of thermal management is addressed by Panasonic’s Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS), which is a unique TIM with a thermal conductivity superior to copper.
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