Panasonic Industry Europe Repositioned ...

October 2, 2017 | 09:55
... to Provide Solutions-based Competence Service for European Customers
Strong localized customer management and value added services put customers first for sustainable growth in Europe

Panasonic Industry Europe today announced that the company has created leaner processes and unified business divisions to provide high quality capabilities and efficient technical solutions across a broad portfolio of products and services, and to bring the company’s engineering competence closer to customers in Europe. To meet the growing demand for complete solutions, the company’s customer and company management has been localized. Engineering solutions will be developed using in-house applications expertise and collaboration with regional added value partners. Strong local support is guaranteed through a European sales network and reliable distribution partners.
Mr. Johannes Spatz, President of Panasonic Industry Europe: “Panasonic’s industry-focused business has been successfully operated from Ottobrunn for more than two years. With the current repositioning, our European customers can expect exceptional sales, marketing and service performance which, combined with long-lasting engineering expertise, creates real solution competence. Our aim is to be an engineering platform and partner for all companies operating in European B2B industries. This will enable us to continue sustainable growth in the region.” 
The new business divisions are Industrial Sales, Automotive Tier 1 Sales, Energy Solutions and Factory Solutions. Panasonic Electric Works Europe will remain a subsidiary and separate legal entity under the umbrella of Panasonic Industry Europe. The portfolio of the company includes electronic and electro-mechanical devices, rechargeable batteries, displays, semiconductors and factory automation solutions for a broad range of industries such as automotive and mobility, building and infrastructure, home and personal, production and logistics, medical and healthcare.
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