Are you a Raspberry Pi user interested in creating graphical user interfaces with Python? Elektor offers all its members a free, 60-page special issue PDF. Refer to the Download section at the bottom of this page.

If you have taken your first steps with Python on the Raspberry Pi and now want to know how to equip your own programs with user interfaces, this free downloadable, 60-page special issue is for you.

Programming GUIs with Python

The special issue contains 10 parts of the series “GUIs with Python” from our sister magazine MagPi. You are introduced to the programming of user interfaces with the framework GUIzero. Follow along, step by step, from the installation to the creation of buttons and labels to a self-made paint program and small animations.

The special issue is downloadable in the lower area of this page if you are logged in as a member. We wish you a lot of fun with programming!