Re-Lock: keyless automatic bike lock

March 12, 2016 | 00:03
Re-Lock: keyless automatic bike lock
Re-Lock: keyless automatic bike lock
From three Dutch designers comes the Re-Lock, a bike lock with an electronic key that can be opened without using your hands. The original idea came from designer Chiel Bekker who, on a rainy day, saw people fumble with bags, umbrellas, phones and keys. With this new concept that becomes history. The Re-Lock opens automatically when the key is in the vicinity.

The Re-Lock, by design, does not operate via a smartphone, because if its battery is empty the lock would be inoperable. The electronic key and lock should last 3 years on a set of batteries and the lock warns when the batteries need replacing.

Locking of the lock can be done with only one hand. And, should you forget to do that, the lock makes a warning sound. The key also indicates whether the lock is locked. This can be handy as proof when making an insurance claim after the bike has been stolen. Additionally, as a theft deterrent, the Re-Lock make itself heard loudly when someone touches the bike and the key is not in the vicinity.

At the moment a crowdfunding-campagne is in progress on Indiegogo:

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