Even more impact from the new Elektor book Node-RED and Raspberry Pi Pico W from the addition of a Kepler Kit and a Raspberry Pi Pico W! At Elektor, we believe that education in electronics works best by bundling “information” with “hardware” and offering the resulting BUNDLE at a special price. So here goes with three terrific ingredients!


Node-RED and Raspberry Pi Pico
The book Node-RED and Raspberry Pi Pico W from top author and e-educator Peter Dalmaris is both a learning guide and a solid reference work to learn about the fantastic combination of Node-RED, Raspberry Pi Pico W, and MicroPython. If Virtual Machines, Docker, and MySQL are new to you, and you’d like some support and "thinkware" for your next IoT projects, then this book is the way to go. The elements encountered on 500+ pages worth of e-learning include a flow-based server, a WiFi-enabled microcontroller, a high-level programming language, and a deployment technology. Combining these elements gives you the tools you need to create automation systems at any scale. From home automation to industrial automation, this book will help you get started with Peter as a very experienced tutor always at hand with his structured, hands-on approach and never scanty with illustrations, examples, and freely downloadable code.


SunFounder Kepler Kit
The Kepler Kit for Raspberry Pi is the “hardware” element included in the Bundle. Rich in components and modules referred to in the book, the Kit is great not just to carry out the experiments Peter describes, but also to work your way up from a workbench mess to presentable prototypes for proof-of-concept sessions and demos. From jumper wires, discrete resistors through sensors, displays, motors, and a breadboard — it’s all in the neatly organized and reusable “Kepler” box.


Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 WH
Last but not least in the Bundle is the Raspberry Pi Pico W. It’s included electrostatically-protected in the Kepler Kit — dig for that little bag! Just in case you didn’t know, the “W” is a version of the Raspberry Pi Pico with added 802.11n Wi-Fi capability. It is an ideal device for physical computing tasks and an excellent match to all things Node-RED.

Get your Node-RED Development Bundle now from the Elektor Store. The Bundle price and contents are definitely worth a RED ALERT.