Review: Smart Menus from Eurocircuits

October 28, 2016 | 00:00
For the electronics enthusiast the greatest obstacle when designing a circuit board for themselves is in many cases the learning curve for the CAD package that is used. But that is not what we're considering now. This review is targeted at the advanced CAD user!

Designs for the experienced

The professional has the learning curve for the CAD package well behind them and are more likely to struggle with problems such as DFM (Design For Manufacturability) and to reduce costs as much as is possible. For this purpose Eurocircuits has expanded its online toolset with Smart Menus.
Using this, the designer, without a detailed knowledge of the PCB production process, can in advance determine the best choices for the technical parameters for their PCB – that is, before they start their printed circuit design!

After the desired PCB production parameters have been selected and programmed as rules in the CAD package, the design of the PCB can commence. The designer can then upload the resulting PCB in Gerber or .GBR Eagle-data to the online visualization tools and check how Eurocircuits will manufacture the PCB. In fact, at this point is it possible to evaluate the end-result, even before the manufacture of the PCB has begun. When the online programs anticipate a problem or detects discrepancies, a flag is raised to indicate that changes may be necessary or additional attention is required.

Where are the costs?

Through the use of the Smart Menus, you as the designer can see immediately what happens when you change the production parameters. The Smart Menus therefore offer an insight into the production costs. So there is no need to remember which parameters have repercussions on (the costs of) the manufacturing process, you can see this directly online.


What advantages does Eurocircuits offer?

Because you, as the designer, have control of the production parameters yourself, you do not need to wait for a Design for Manufacturability service, such as is offered by many other professional manufacturers. By being able to indicate yourself, using the Smart Menus, which production parameters are required for your design you can see immediately whether you can improve or simplify something regarding the production of your PCB design.

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