Thanks to 3D imaging sensor technology, the Walabot RF short-range scanner with its 15 RF antennas detects tubes, lines, wires and cables behind walls. Walabot works like a radar. It transmits radio waves and receives their reflections. The RF scanner generates a 3D image of the environment in real time and displays it on a monitor. Depth, type of material and position are also determined. Walabot even detects moving rodents that may be hiding in dry walls.

The advanced sensor technology also allows other applications such as safety and health, because Walabot detects whether a person is moving, sitting or lying in the room or whether the person is breathing or not. If breath is held, then the respiratory rate goes down and accordingly up again when one breathes normally again.
As an application in the automotive sector, Walabot could, for example, detect movements in the blind spot and warn the driver at an early stage.

The developer version "Walabot Creator Pack", compatible with Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi, cost €300 when it was launched a year ago. The Israeli start-up Vayyar has recently reduced the price of this ingenious tool to under €200.