Robot Armadillo goes anywhere (Switzerland)

February 4, 2016 | 12:00
Robot Armadillo goes anywhere (Switzerland)
Robot Armadillo goes anywhere (Switzerland)
The four independent wheels and the design of the ROVéo terrestrial robot allows it to easily negotiate obstacles up to two-thirds of its own height while maintaining its cruising speed. One motor at each extremity and clever mechanicals give it an astounding flexibility and the appearance of a tortoise or armadillo.

Emerging from the carapace, each of its similar legs is connected to the others by a single degree of freedom. This allows the robot to easily adapt to any terrain - with holes or bumps - and to more regular obstacles such as steps.

The young Rovenso team is also developing a remote control system equipped with immersive vision and force feedback, Guiding the vehicle is achieved by synchronising the angle of the front and rear wheels. This permits very precise movement - the robot can turn on its own footprint to easily exit from a dead end.

A bigger version of this prototype, equipped with a robotic arm, could assist in the dismantling of nuclear installations
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