Robots in the Storeroom

April 8, 2019 | 05:47
Robots in the Storeroom
Robots in the Storeroom
Boston Dynamics produce an impressive range of highly sophisticated robotic machines, the latest of which is the ‘Handle 2.0’, an autonomous robot ready to clock-on for its next shift lugging and stacking boxes in a warehouse. Handle 2 is a self-balancing two wheeled robot fitted with a single grabber arm.

An arm and a claw

This latest version of the Handle robot has just one articulated arm compared with its two-armed predecessor. The single gripper allows it to grab boxes, carry them to their destination and stack them neatly on a pallet. The boxes used in the video weigh 5.5 kg but this latest version can handle packages up to 13.6 kilograms.

The dexterity, range and balance of the robot are impressive judging by the video. According to Boston Dynamics, it is able to load and unload packages onto standard pallets completely autonomously. Handle 2 is equipped with an image recognition system to identify the pallets and stack boxes up to a height of about 1.7 m. From the video it’s easy to imagine an army of these working in a warehouse in place of their human counterparts.

Effectiveness and speed

Boston Dynamics has already developed numerous bipedal and multi-limbed robots. This latest model combines the maneuverability of bipedal robots designed for use on uneven surfaces with the effectiveness and speed of a wheeled unit operating in an industrial environment with standard flooring.
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