On Kickstarter a campaign has been started for the RokBlok, which, in their own words, is the world's smallest wireless record player. And it is also portable. It is really aSoundwagon”, but one with Bluetooth functionality.

It operates very simply. You put it on top of a record, on a flat horizontal surface and you switch it on using the handle. To switch it off you old your hand just above the moving record player so that you touch the handle and the RokBlok stops.

With the built-in preamplifier and speaker you can listen practically anywhere. If you prefer a somewhat better quality then you can use the Bluetooth function to connect an external Bluetooth speaker or headphones. The RokBlok is provided with Bluetooth 4.2 and supports A2DP, so that is all good.

The internal rechargeable battery is good for 4 hours of playback pleasure and charges in 2 hours. The RokBlok does not even weigh 100 grams and is therefore easy to carry with you.
More information: www.kickstarter.com/projects/pinkdonut/rokblok-a-new-spin-on-vinyl.