Santa Claus Recommends: 3 Elektor Books for just €49.95

December 8, 2015 | 13:31
Santa Claus Recommends: 3 Elektor Books for just €49.95
Santa Claus Recommends: 3 Elektor Books for just €49.95
Christmas is just a few weeks away and we’re making sure you can treat yourself to the best presents from our Elektor Store. Santa Claus helped us shortlist 25 of the most popular Elektor books for you to choose from. Pick any three items and pay only € 49.95 (£35.95 / US $53)! You can even “double up” and treat a special someone to the same great bundle you’ve selected for yourself (for example 6 products for € 99.90).

With discounts on some products going up to 58%, this is the perfect time to complete your collection Elektor books. There are a lot of bestsellers to choose from! How about Arduino Circuits & Projects Guide, Controller Area Network Projects, Mastering Surface Mount Technology and Mitchell Duncan's Eagle Getting Started Guide? There’s a wide selection of Elektor books on offer, we're sure there's something for everyone! Don’t just take our word for it; check out the comprehensive list of available books by following the link below.

Still struggling to make a decision? If it’s great savings that you’re after, then why not select a bundle consisting of Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects, Android Apps and Microcontroller Based Radio Telemetry Projects and save nearly €70 (original price €119.85)? Play around with different combinations of books and you’ll discover that there are gargantuan discounts possible!

The offer is only valid until December 31, 2015 and limited to stocks. Don’t delay in placing your order in time for you to unwrap it this Christmas!

Click here for the comprehensive list of books
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