Three affordable digital microscopes

September 18, 2017 | 10:23
Not so long ago, for electronics enthusiasts wishing to replace their vintage jumbo magnifying glass, the search for an affordable microscope seemed frustrating. The offer was... microscopic!
Not only does soldering and troubleshooting of the SMD not look like an easy ride to beginners, it was also necessary to consider an inescapable and expensive acquisition.

Three Andonstar microscopes under scrutiny

This problem has fortunately disappeared. Prices have become more democratic and performance has improved. Now it is the choice of the microscope that has become difficult. Elektor's e-store alone offers three models. And in addition, one of them has an HDMI output to connect to an external display!
Here Luc Lemmens, from Elektor Labs where he uses these devices every day for his work, gives you his opinion.
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