Silego adds GreenPAK 2 to CMIC family

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Silego adds GreenPAK 2 to CMIC family
Silego adds GreenPAK 2 to CMIC family

Silego Technology is a designer and vendor of configurable power, logic, and timing ICs known as Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (CMICs). CMICs integrate medium precision analogue components, discrete digital logic and passive components in low-cost ICs that are small, highly configurable and easy to use.


The latest addition to the CMIC family is GreenPAK 2, a one-time programmable logic IC with programmable analogue components. Its on-board finite state machine, programmable logic, counters, delays, ADC, voltage reference, oscillator and PWM provide a basis for thousands of applications, including interfaces for proximity, motion or temperature sensors, LED drivers, motor controllers, touch sensing, and overvoltage protection.


GreenPAK 2 is designed to operate as a stand alone device capable of performing many 4-bit and 8-bit microcontroller applications or operate in conjunction with Silego GreenCLK (timing) and GreenFET (power sequencing drivers) products to reduce component count on relatively complex system boards. GreenPAK 2 has 50% more programmable logic cells and digital functions than the first generation product, along with a much larger supply voltage range of 1.8 to 5.5 V.


GreenPAK ICs are configured with Silego’s free GreenPAK Designer software, available for both Windows and Mac OS systems, using a USB-based GreenPAK programmer or emulation board.  The software features intuitive graphical configuration of the circuit design and requires no programming languages or compliers.


Image: Silego

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