AppMyProduct is a new platform for simplifying IoT app development. This is accomplished using a newly launched cloud service based on the award-winning Nabto enterprise platform. AppMyProduct makes it super easy to create IoT apps with which to control embedded products without "infrastructure hassle". Nabto currently has a device install base of more than 1 million embedded devices, Internet remote controlling a vast range of products including doorlocks, intrusion detection systems, solar inverters, IP cameras, drones, thermostats, toys and robot vacuum cleaners.

The solution coming from the Danish company requires just two steps: integrate the device SDK into the firmware of the product and adapt or extend the ready-to-use, production quality apps.

Development of the app is easy since AppMyProduct integrates into existing app frameworks such as Cordova/Ionic and Xamarin. Also using available templates, apps can be generated by just adjusting existing examples. "Once you have an example up and running, it is simple to adapt it to your own scenario: you can change the app user interface to your likings, update the service interface definition and invoke your own backend." All "boring details" are taken care of: user/deviced pairing, access control, secure communication etc.

AppMyProduct is cross platform so developers can make IoT apps available for both iOS and Android in the same project. It supports multiple business models, such as freemium, end-user payment or per device paid subscription.

Security is state-of-the-art (RSA, AES, SHA). Also, the incorporation of multiple data centers across the world guarantees maximal performance and redundancy.

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Meet Nabto showcasing AppMyProduct at Embedded World, Booth 3-520c