Making selfies with your phone is all the rage, and people often use selfie sticks to take selfies from a certain distance away. With the AirSelfie you don’t need a selfie stick, because it is a mini drone with a built-in camera that can take pictures from any distance, as well as pictures of the surrounding area.

Nowadays you can get drones in all sorts and sizes, but the most striking thing about the AirSelfie is its compact design. It is about the same size as a smartphone and can be stored together with the phone in a handy cover so you always have it with you. The associated app for iOS and Android presently has three flight functions: a Selfie mode where you only have to set the distance to yourself, a Motion Control mode where you can operate the AirSelfie like a normal drone, and a Flying mode where the AirSelfie hovers horizontally to take a picture.

The Kickstarter project for the AirSelfie has already collected over €300,000 in a short time, vastly more than the goal of €45,000. The campaign still has a month to go, so the figure could go a lot higher. If you are interested in the AirSelfie, you can sign up for one for €179, complete with a cover for the AirSelfie and your phone. Initial product delivery is planned for March 2017.