Elektor Labs magazine and Elektor Industry magazine cover electronics in both the pro-amateur and professional leagues, and share a common interest in helping start-ups, spin-outs and scale-ups to reach a professional level as well as find professional partners in funding, production and marketing their brainchild.

“That’s awesome / fab/ super / so cool / toll / geil / top / promising! Can Elektor do that for me too?”

Sure. Elektor’s racing vehicle doing just that with terrific speed and impact in the world of electronics is called Fast Forward. It’s been out on the race track since 2016 when the ‘FFWD’ team made a solid impression at the prestigious electronica trade show in Munich. After an even more successful event last year November, FFWD will be rolled out big time again at productronica 2019 in November.

Call the FFWD team bold but it is their firm belief that start-ups in electronics should not waste precious time on listening to stories on existing stuff and why it is so good and ‘right in the market’ and blahblah. Instead, if you are a start-up with:
  • existing funding however small and/or virtual;
  • well-defined business and marketing plans;
  • a professional approach;
  • a terrific presentation;
  • stamina;
  • pizzazz;
  • a serious ambition to become famous with your team and brainchild;
  • absolutely no fear of the Fast Forward Jury and camera crew.

then press the fast forward button like the winners of FFWD 2016 and 2018 did! All you have to do is sign up for p-fastforward, the FFWD event Elektor will stage at productronica München, on November 12-15.

Do it now. Here is the FFWD button to press: www.elektormagazine.com/p-ffwd. The team are eager to welcome you.

UPDATE, March 19, 2019: The Jury has received product descriptions and business plans from 10 prospective participants. Thanks all for signing up!