Celus is a Munich, Germany-based start-up focused on optimizing electronics development. The company’s engineering platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the processes of generating schematics, PCB design, and embedded software. Elektor engineers and editors first met members of the Celus team at electronica Fast Forward 2018, back when the company was named Continuity. We caught up with two of the founders again at Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany, where Celus CEO Tobias Pohl brought us up to speed about the company and its creative solution. 
Interview with Celus CEO Tobias Pohl at Embedded World
Celus CEO Tobias Pohl at Embedded World

Celus Focuses on Automating Development

The Celus team’s mission is clear: they want to automate electronics engineering.

“Engineers should focus their time on the innovative and creative part of a design process and not to all these manual development steps themselves,” Pohl explained during his interview with Elektor at Embedded World. “If you compare that, for example, to software development, a couple of decades ago, highly skilled software developers were doing all these steps manually writing line of line of machine code. And modern software around us would be unthinkable with these processes — and we see the very same thing coming with electronics engineering.”

Celus’s product originated as the “Continuity” project, which the founders proposed as part of the Businessplan Seminar of UnternehmerTUM in Munich in 2016. Several months later, the German Ministry of Economy awarded the EXIST founders scholarship, and in 2018 Pohl and Tobias Pohl founded the company named Continuity. In 2020, they changed the name from Continuity to Celus.

In February 2020, the company announced it had raised €1.7 million to "fuel the company’s ambition to transform the way electronic devices are developed."

Interview with Pohl at Embedded World

Want to learn more about Celus and its technology? Watch the complete interview below.

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