Summer Deal: 20 Elektor Bestsellers at Half the Price

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Summer Deal: 20 Elektor Bestsellers at Half the Price
Summer Deal: 20 Elektor Bestsellers at Half the Price

Summer is still going strong and we’re just getting warmed up with our amazing Summer offers. This week might be our hottest yet! We’re offering 50% discounts on 20 different Elektor products. Order any three (or more!) products and you’ll automatically receive a Hexadoku puzzle booklet (worth £4.25/€4.95), at no extra cost.

We’ve selected a plethora of our best books, projects and DVDs for you to choose from so, whatever you select, we’re confident you’ll be kept busy and satisfied for the remainder of your Summer. For those among you who want to hone their skills with microcontrollers, we’ve got Elementary Course BASCOM-AVR and 50 PIC Microcontroller Projects both on offer, allowing you to buff-up your microcontroller programming skills and work on some truly exciting and challenging projects before moving on to your own.

If you’re as passionate about LEDs as we are, then our LED Toolbox DVD is an essential part of your collection. This DVD-ROM contains carefully-sorted comprehensive technical documentation about and around LEDs. The DVD also contains over 100 Elektor articles on the subject of LEDs. What’s not to love?  

Another Summer Steal we’ve added to our list of discounted products is the Masterclass Modern Valve Electronics DVD, containing 165 minutes of seminar footage hosted by the renowned Menno van der Veen, MSc. This double DVD covers new technologies for enhancing valve amplifiers and is aimed at anyone seeking in-depth information on the operation of these amplifiers.

These are just a sample of the great products we’ve made available, and you can peruse the rest below. Remember, if you want to take advantage of the 50% Summer discount then you must order your selection before August 6th and, if you want to receive the Hexadoku Puzzle Booklet, free of charge, then order three or more products simultaneously.

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