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50-Plus Circuits and Projects

In the summer of 2022, Elektor brought back the Circuit Special edition. Read by engineers and makers throughout the English, Dutch, French, and German markets, the magazine was well-received by both long-time Elektor readers and new members! And now we are excited to announce the Elektor Circuit Special 2023. With a nod to our past and a look to the future of electronics, the extra-thick 2023 edition showcases the work of dozens of innovative engineers and makers from around the world.

The magazine features new circuits and creative projects, as well as a dash of nostalgia.
circuit special 2023 TOC
Table of Contents
  • Tiny Solar Supply
  • Solid-State Stereo Audio Switch
  • ChatGPT and Arduino
  • Li-Ion Battery Monitor
  • Large RGB Digit
  • Microphone Preamplifier with 48 V Phantom Power Distribution
  • Square Wave Generators with Duty Cycle and Frequency Controls
  • Simple Dynamic Compressor
  • Simple Electronic Lock
  • 2023: An AI Odyssey
  • Retronics: Edwin Comes Home
  • ESP32 Windows Controller with Free Software
tiny solar supply
Tiny solar supply project
  • Active Rectifier
  • On/Off Switching System for Active Boxes
  • Unbalanced/Balanced Converter
  • Speed Controller for Fan or Ventilator
  • The Latest from Arduino Project Hub
  • Power Overload Monitor
  • Blink in the Dark Without Transistors
  • Morse Code Generator
  • Programmable Video DAC
  • A T(eeny) Tiny Piano
  • Dual Dice without MCU
  • Electronic Scarecrow
  • Circuits to Amuse, Inspire, and Amaze
  • LC-LP-HA Thermometer
  • THD Generator
  • Thyristor-Based Overtemperature Indicator
  • PTC Fuse Flip-Flop
  • Funny Bird
Mini-Drill controller
Mini-drill controller
  • Neon Lamp with a Microcontroller
  • Temperature-Stabilized IC Current Source
  • Second-Order Adjustable Treble Boost
  • One-Armed Bandit
  • Simple Digitally Controlled Variable Resistor
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs by Microchip
  • Interface Standards
  • Review: The LILYGO T-PicoC3
ZD meter
The simple ZD Meter
  • Water Leak Protection
  • Eco-Timer with Auto-Shutdown
  • ZD Meter
  • Servo Tester
  • PS/2 Mouse As Rotary Encoder (and More…)
  • Simple Twilight Switch
  • Water Pump Controller
  • Solar-Powered Christmas FM Radio Ball
  • Vibration Sensor with Relay
  • Continuity Tester
  • Power On/Off with a Pushbutton
  • Mini-Drill Power Control 2023
  • Digital Vibration Sensor
  • Reverse-Polarity Protection with Low Voltage Drop
  • A Low-Cost Frequency Standard
  • Tiny DCF77 Simulator
  • Hexadoku

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