Elektor summer giveaway 2020

The summer has arrived and a ray of sunshine is much desired, especially during a global crisis. Thanks to some of our most generous suppliers / sponsors, Elektor offers you the Summer Giveaway to keep you talented electronics ‘geeks’ motivated and busy with cool projects! Below the form are the products that our sponsors have thrown in to support your passion for electronics. 

How to win it?

It’s really simple. Just notify us of your preference in the form below and tell us why you want it, that’s it! After you notify us of the product you would like, we will randomly select the ‘winners’ during the last week of August 2020.

More detail and links to both the proud sponsors and the prizes for this give-away can be found below this form!

Elektor Give-Away

Please notify us of what you would like to get your hands on and why. Perhaps we can make the sun shine even a bit brighter for you this summer! Please note that your data will not be used for any other purpose than this raffle.

 From our friends at NextIND:
 2 x TACTIGON ONE boards
 1 x Kit composed of 3 TACTIGON ONE boards + 1 Raspberry board
 1 x TACTIGON SKIN developer kit (without robot)
Tactigon by NextIND
Gudeco Weller WT1010  Offered to us by Gudeco:

 2 x Weller WT 1010 Soldering station.                                                
 iFixit offers not one, but five pieces of:                                                   
 Pro Tech Toolkit
Simac / Joy-IT  Simac / Joy-IT makes the sun shine with:
 1 x JOY-iT JT-RD6006 DC Power Supply Set
 1 x DMSO2D72 3-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscope, Signalgenerator
 and Multimeter                                                                                    
Franzis Verlag sponsored three (German) kits:                                        
1 x MAKER KIT for ESP32
Franzis Verlag
Peak Electronic Design   From Peak Electronic Design:
  1 x ZEN50 - Atlas ZEN Zener Diode Analyser
  1 x ESR70 Atlas ESR PLUS - Equivalent Series Resistance Meter 
  LabNation throws in: 
  1x SmartScope - The oscilloscope of the new generation.               
MagPi  The MagPi - the official
 Raspberry Pi magazine sponsored:                                              

 1 x Raspberry Pi 4 - 8GB
 1 x High-Quality Camera Module
 1 x 6 mm CS-Mount Camera Lens

our sponsors