This year's online 2020 e-ffwd competition features start-ups from all over the world: Germany, the United States, Sweden, France, Italy, and beyond. Each country has a its own start-up scene — or “scenes,” such as in the larger countries like Germany and the United States. Most Elektor community members are fairly familiar with the start-up landscapes in Western Europe and North America. But what about places like Hungary? We were curious, so we decided to find out more, starting with a look at Hungarian start-ups. 

Q&A on Hungarian Start-Ups

The Elektor team recently spoke with Gábor Tordai-Lejkó, the Hungarian Consul General to Bavaria, who touched on the following topics and more: details about the start-up scene in Hungary; the Hungarian government's approach to supporting young companies; the Bavaria-Hungary partnership.
Watch the interview below.

Hungarian Start-Ups and e-ffwd

Want to learn about the innovative Hungarian start-ups participating in Virtual electronica fast forward 2020? Visit the e-ffwd 2020 site for details. The companies are participating for a chance to win a global marketing campaign from Elektor and to gain international exposure at the virtual electronica 2020 event (November 9-12, 2020)