Thermal Sensor Array provides 64-Pixel Images in 2D

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Thermal Sensor Array provides 64-Pixel Images in 2D
Thermal Sensor Array provides 64-Pixel Images in 2D

The new far infrared (FIR) thermopile sensor array MLX90620 from Melexis can simplify thermal imaging systems by directly capturing 64-pixel images in 2D. The 16 x 4-element sensor covers a temperature range of ?20 °C to +300 °C and produces a map of heat values for the target area in real time, avoiding the need to scan the area with a single-point sensor or use an expensive microbolometer. By integrating an amplifier and ADC in each pixel, the array supports an adjustable frame rate from 0.5 Hz to 64 Hz. An accuracy of ±1.5 °C is maintained over the operating temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C. Two field of view options are available: 60º x 15º and 40º x 10º.


A high-speed I²C compatible digital interface and a triggered mode for synchronisation with a control unit allow the MLX90620 to be used alone or combined in with multiple devices to form an array with larger imaging resolution. Potential applications for the MLX90620 include comfort sensing, seat occupation detection, vision systems, access control, temperature measurement, alarm and security systems, room temperature sensing, and diagnosis systems.


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