Third edition of Mastering Microcontrollers Helped by Arduino now available

December 19, 2016 | 14:00
Third edition of Mastering Microcontrollers Helped by Arduino now available
Third edition of Mastering Microcontrollers Helped by Arduino now available
The third, extended and completely revised edition of Elektor’s bestseller Mastering Microcontrollers Helped by Arduino is now available. Revised, it now uses the Arduino IDE 1.6.12, and two extra chapters were added: ‘AVR Playground’ and ’Elektor Uno R4’.
Elektor’s Technical Manager Clemens Valens guides readers through the basics of microcontroller programming, without stopping there. Targeted at the newbie programmer, the Arduino enthusiast, and those who wish to deepen their knowledge, this book provides a firm foundation on which to build and extend your understanding.
Throughout the book clear, detailed sketches and schematics are developed helping the reader to acquire a strong grasp on how to use inputs and outputs (analog and digital, GPIO), interrupts, communication busses (RS-232, SPI, I²C, 1-wire, SMBus, custom, etc.), timers, and much more. A variety of common electronic components such as matrix keyboards, displays (LED, alphanumeric and graphic color LCD), motors, sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, sound, light, and infrared), rotary encoders, piezo buzzers, pushbuttons, relays, etc. are treated too.
The new Chapter 12 presents the AVR Playground, an Arduino Uno compatible microcontroller development board with on-board peripherals for rapid and comfortable application development. No more hassling with add-on shields and loose wires, the AVR Playground is a solid foundation to build applications on.
The Elektor Uno R4, an Arduino Uno R3 with double the capabilities at the same price, is presented in the new Chapter 13. Not only the hardware is described, detailed programming examples showing how to use the new features are given too.
Littered with tips and trick, spiced up with many insightful and humorous real-life comparisons, this book is a pleasure to read indeed. The presented projects, code examples and circuits were tried and tested on an Arduino Uno board. All sketches, schematics and component lists can be downloaded free of charge from the Elektor website.
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