Looking for a hot air soldering station that doesn’t take up too much bench space? Then the Velleman VTSS210 maybe just what you need. It measures only 125 x 110 x 155 mm and weighs 1.2 kg. More importantly, it heats up quickly, its air temperature is adjustable and so is the airflow (from 3 to 24 liters per minute). The air blower with its brushless motor keeps noise down to a minimum.

The VTSS210 and an SMT E-Book

The 300-W hot air station is particularly suitable for soldering and desoldering SMT parts. If you are new to SMT soldering, or if you just want to know more about it (SMT or SMD), you will find the answers in the Elektor e-book, Mastering Surface Mount Technology. It comes for free with this station.*

Velleman VSST210 nozzles
The Velleman VTSS210 hot air station is compatible with various types of air nozzles.

The 300-W VTSS210 hot air rework station can also be used as a hot air gun. It is compatible with various types of air nozzles, and three different sizes are included.

It Is Getting Really Hot

The VTSS210 allows temperatures up to 500°C. If, for some reason, it tries to go higher, the overheating protection will kick in, keeping everything safe. Of course, the last temperature setting is memorized between power cycles.

Forced cooling ensures that the nozzle will reach a safe temperature as fast as possible after switching off the VTSS210. Similarly, when the gun is placed in its holder, it will switch into sleep mode, making it last longer.

This is a time-limited offer, so don’t let it pass you by. Get your Velleman VTSS210 hot air soldering station along with an e-copy of Mastering Surface Mount Technology* today!

Velleman VTSS210 hot air rework station
Cute-sized hot air rework station Velleman VTSS210
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