From down under, Steven Howell of SRKH Designs flags his Virtualette V1 dual stack microcomputer. The 76 x 37 x 18 mm dual board stack is said to support Linux/Android operating systems and is ‘deployable out of the box’ for diverse applications such as drone or a robot controlling, an M2M node in a security system or ... you name it.

Virtualette V1 will ship with its own optimized Linux-based OS, which can be tuned to suit any distribution from the maker's choice. On board are an Allwinner A20 SoC with 8 GB of onboard NAND flash, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, SATA, CAN capability, a real time clock with onboard battery and ‘wakeup’ function, and a glut of ports including USB, micro SD and multiple IO interfaces.

Like countless “new/better/faster” computerettes being introduced, Virtualette requires just a trifling amount of money to go into production, in this case, some US$ 22K5 through Kickstarter. And of course “upgraded versions” are promised including quad-core and octo-core versions, an add-on FPGA-based development board, a desktop platform, popular video adaptor interfaces and an ‘All in One’ peripheral board designed to embed V1 inside a slimline display case.

Warning: "vertical" video ahead! :-)