Join Elektor and Infineon for an exclusive webinar on Thursday, July 18, 2024, at 4:00 PM CEST (Berlin/Amsterdam). The experts from Infineon will dive into advanced semiconductor systems solutions for tomorrow's commercial vehicles.

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As the Commercial Construction and Agricultural industry has started its journey toward electrification, at Infineon we have identified three key applications that will support and drive this revolution: Inverter, Battery Management System (BMS) and Power conversion. This webinar will highlight how the semiconductor-based system solutions from Infineon will enable technology advancement and contribute to the electrification of commercial vehicles.

In the inverter session we will introduce you to Infineon’s ‘One Inverter, One Infineon’ solution, where the complete product portfolio is offered to achieve higher drive-train efficiency, functional safety and fast time to market. You will also get a quick overview on eCAV Inverter market trends and how these value drives are reflected in semiconductor space.

In the battery management systems session, you will learn about what the key energy management challenges for eCAV producers and owners are. You will also learn what the key battery functionalities that will maximize the range & safety of the eCAV and reduce battery aging and vehicle downtime.

Lastly, the power conversion including the on-board charger and high voltage DCDC (OBC) session will highlight the semiconductor solutions enabling a wide power range, flexible power topologies and charging scenarios.

Join this webinar to find out more about how Infineon can support you in this electric journey!
Webinar: Empowering tomorrow's commercial vehicles with advanced semiconductor systems solutions

The Speakers

Baptiste Perier - Semiconductor Systems Solutions webinarBaptiste Perier
Trainee for Global Application Manager for chassis applications, at Infineon Technologies AG
Baptiste has an industrial engineering master’s degree from INSA Lyon, France. He joined Infineon in December 2023 to develop the marketing campaign for commercial vehicles by driving the go-to-market actions and defining its strategy. 

Sijia Zhang - Semiconductor Systems Solutions webinarSijia Zhang
Global Application Manager for high-voltage traction inverter for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, at Infineon Technologies AG
Sijia has a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University and her master’s from Technische Universität München, both major in communication engineering.   

Mahmoud Ismail.jpgMahmoud Ismail
Global Application Director of Automotive Energy Management at Infineon Technologies AG
Dr. Ismail brings over a decade of experience in the semiconductor industry, with a specific focus on promoting battery solutions for management systems across various applications. Furthermore, his application extends to automotive-grade high-voltage thermal management and fuel cell monitoring systems. 

Daniel Makus.pngDaniel Makus
Global Application Manager for On-Board Charger and High Voltage DCDC at Infineon Technologies AG
Daniel started his career at Teradyne as a Design engineer, moved then to marketing at National as regional marketing for Server, Telekom and Automotive products. In 2010, Daniel joined Infineon technical marketing team for the Linear Voltage Regulators and customer specific products. Since couple of years he holds Application Management role OBC/DCDC and EV Charging application. Daniel owns several patents in field of energy and device topologies within Infineon.

Brian Tristam WilliamsBrian Tristam Williams
Elektor Editor and Webinar Moderator
Brian is a content creator who’s had a passion for computers and electronics since he got a “microcomputer” at age 10. He bought his first Elektor Magazine at 16, and has been orbiting the electronics and computers ecosystem since. He first worked for Elektor in 2010, and is currently an Assistant Editor. 
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