If you are into computer or microcontroller programming, or if you do other things that involve open-source software, you will most certainly have come across GitHub. It is the place where people share source code for all sorts of applications ranging from simple single-file Arduino sketches to huge applications consisting of many folders and thousands of files, but also other things like electronics design files or simply text documents. Attend the December 9, 2021, webinar, "My Way Into GitHub," to become well-versed in the hub in just one hour.
GitHub Webinar

What Is GitHub?

GitHub is a hub for git, a so-called versioning system that keeps track of changes made to the files that it knows of. The main purpose of git and the platform is to allow people to work together on the same (software) project. It is not a sharing platform even though it is quite suitable for that. Because it is a tool for professional- and production-quality software development, the platform has lots of functions and options that most people never need, and that make it complicated to use.

Download from GitHub

Elektor also publishes code and projects on GitHub, and we tell people to download it from there. We then often get the question, “How do I download something?” This may seem like a silly question to experienced users, but admit it, the user interface is not super intuitive, and many would-be users feel lost.

Let Elektor Guide You

In this webinar, Elektor engineer Mathias Claussen and I will take you by the hand and guide you through the process of downloading what you want from GitHub. Not only will we address downloading basics, they will also explain how GitHub is intended to be used. Besides downloading files and repositories, publishing your own work on GitHub will be treated too. This is useful for sharing it with others or simply for backing it up in the cloud.

Did you know GitHub has drag-‘n’-drop capabilities? It does, and in this webinar, you will find out how it works and what you can do with it.


Join us on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 16:00 CET and become a GitHub pro in just one hour.