Join our October 12, 2023, webinar to unlock the secrets of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices through reverse engineering. By attending "Reverse Engineering Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices" at 4:00 PM (Berlin), you will learn from engineer Koen Vervloesem about BLE technology and gain hands-on insights about device communication. Register now!
Webinar: Reverse engineering Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices
Free webinar. Register now!

Reverse Engineering Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices

Whether you're a pro engineer, a developer, a maker, or a student, this webinar offers a unique opportunity to learn from Vervloesem about the intricacies of BLE communication and reverse engineering techniques. He will cover:
  • Investigating Device Characteristics: Begin your journey by understanding the characteristics of BLE devices. Learn about their architecture, protocols, and how they communicate with other devices.
  • Sniffing BLE Traffic: Discover the power of traffic analysis as you delve into the process of capturing and interpreting BLE traffic between your mobile device and a BLE-enabled device. Uncover hidden interactions and data exchanges.
  • Decompiling Mobile Apps: Explore the world of mobile apps that interface with BLE devices. Learn how to decompile and analyze these apps to reveal the inner workings and decipher the BLE commands they send.
  • Unveiling BLE Commands: Dive into the heart of reverse engineering as you unravel the mystery of BLE commands. Learn to decode and interpret these commands to gain control over the connected BLE device.
  • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience through demonstrations and interactive exercises. Put your newfound knowledge to the test as you step into the shoes of a reverse engineer.

Webinar Giveaway

Five lucky webinar attendees will have the chance to win a copy of Koen Vervloesem's book, Develop Your Own Bluetooth Low Energy Applications (Elektor 2022). The book includes valuable engineering insights, techniques, and practical knowledge about Bluetooth Low Energy communication and reverse engineering.
Develop your own Bluetooth Low Energy Applications
K. Vervloesem, Develop your own Bluetooth Low Energy Applications (Elektor 2022)
Don't miss out on this chance to interact with a distinguished expert, win a helpful book, and deepen your understanding of BLE technology and reverse engineering. Let's explore the boundless possibilities of BLE communication!

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About Koen Vervloesem

Koen Vervloesem has been writing about Linux, open-source software, security, home automation, artificial intelligence (AI), programming, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for more than 20 years. Additionally, he imparts his knowledge by teaching Linux and Python courses to students who are pursuing an Associate's degree in Internet of Things.