Join us for a webinar on Thursday, December 7, 2023 (4:00 PM Berlin) to learn about the Elektor Labs platform. Engineers Jean-François Simon and Saad Imtiaz will introduce you to the Elektor Labs online platform, which you and other innovators can use to present design and to collaborate on electronics projects and products. Register Now

What Is Elektor Labs, and What Can You Do With It?

Elektor Labs is a dynamic online platform for posting and exploring a range of electronic projects. From practical solutions to creative inventions, Elektor Labs is the go-to location for projects relating to the following and much more: embedded systems, IoT applications, home automation, robotics, analog designs, wireless applications, measurement equipment, and AI/ML.

In addition to thousands of pro engineers, makers, and students, Elektor's in-house engineers and editors actively contribute to, monitor, and collaborate on the Elektor Labs platform. Our team members regularly review projects, and we often contract the most captivating projects to be featured in Elektor Mag! 

What to Expect

During the webinar, Jean-Francois and Saad will introduce the platform and explain how you can use it to showcase your talent and even make money. They will review fascinating projects such as the Pseudo Balanced Module, Making a Party Soundbox, the Impossible LED Christmas Tree, and many more. They will also talk about using Elektor Jumpstarter to support and accelerate your promising projects. Don’t miss the live demo on how to post a project on Elektor Labs!

As always, we will have something nice for our Participants. See you there!

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