Welcome back, Commodore 64!

April 19, 2016 | 16:51
Welcome back, Commodore 64!
Welcome back, Commodore 64!
The Commodore 64 is one of the best-known game computers ever. Launched in 1982, it was especially popular on account of the large number of games available for the C64 platform. Following earlier attempts by various companies to bring out an updated version of the C64, an Indiegogo campaign has been initiated to collect money for a new remake dubbed “THE 64”.   The British company Retro Games Ltd. actually wants to make two different products: a modern version of the Commodore 64 with updated internals and features, such as USB ports and an HDMI output, and a portable game console with a display for playing vintage games on the go.   Aside from some pictures of the devices, the website for the Indiegogo campaign does not have much information about the underlying electronics, but maybe that will come. The campaign has just started, and you still have a month to decide whether or not to back it. Presently somewhat more than $30,000 of the target amount of $150,000 has been pledged....

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