Hello HaLow, how low can you go?

January 13, 2016 | 16:16
Will future Wi-Fi access points be tri-band?
Will future Wi-Fi access points be tri-band?
The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a new designation for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah technology. Wi-Fi HaLow, as the new standard is called, extends Wi-Fi into the 900 MHz band, enabling the low-power connectivity necessary for applications including sensor and wearables.

Wi-Fi HaLow’s range is nearly twice that of today’s Wi-Fi, and will not only be capable of transmitting signals further, but also providing a more robust connection in challenging environments where the ability to more easily penetrate walls or other barriers is an important consideration.

The Wi-Fi Alliance expects Wi-Fi access points to become tri-band, having 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 900 MHz functionality that allow the connection of IoT devices throughout a home. However, don't rush to the store now to buy compatible devices as the certification program for HaLow is only targeted for 2018. It is said though that many products will appear soon as several vendors already are working on integrating the technology into their products in anticipation of certification.
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