The Greeks have a long history of innovation and a zeal for learning. Marios Lazos is an Athens-based electrical engineer who is passionate about amateur radio and RF technology. He recently shared details about the "mini electronics lab" that he built in a spare room at his house. 

Marios Lazos's Mini Electronics Lab
Marios Lazos in his mini electronics lab.
Where do you work and what is your position? 
I am electronic engineer in Ministry of Defence. Also, I am an inspector for quality (ISO 9001) in my department.

How long have you been reading Elektor?
Eleven-plus years.

How would you best describe your electronics workspace? Where is it located?
It is a mini electronic lab. I am also a radio amateur, so I have a lot of eqiupment for RF measurements. It's in a spare room, in our home.

How long have you had the workspace?
Eighteen years.

How often do you use your electronics-related space?
A few times per week

When you design something, what are your requirements and goals? 
I try to finish a project. For example, I try to design, create and test the project. Also, I try to put it in a box, and I write short documantation for it.

Lazos prides himself on attempting to finish the projects he starts. 
What interests you? What sort of projects do you tackle in your space?
RF projects (SWR meter, Tx/Rx circuits) and instruments for my lab (osciloscope, power supply, etc.).

What about your equipment and tools? 
AF generator, RF generator, Digital SWR meter, RF power meter, counters and other. I love DIY.

You must have a favorite piece of equipment or lab tool.
My Hameg 604-2. It was my first instrument

Are you planning to purchase additional equipment? 
I want to buy some more RF instruments, like a spectrum analyzer and a VNA.

What are you working on these days?
I'm building a digital SWR meter. Also, I'm upgading an old KW 520 SWR meter.

Do you have a dream project?
Many, but I dont have time! 

Is your workspace this neat and tidy?
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