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ElektorLabs magazine (click for sample) covers key topics such as: rapid prototyping (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more), embedded systems design/programming, robotics, 3-D printing, IoT, wireless communications, and much more. Every edition is loaded with: DIY Electronics Projects; Electronics DesignTips; Real-World Lab Tests; and Product News/Reviews.
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Elektor Labs Online Platform
Elektor Labs is a growing global community of thousands of active electronics engineers and makers who are eager to learn, design and sell innovative electronics. With an Elektor Labs account (see platform), you can:
  • Collaborate with electrical engineers, the ElektorLabs engineering team, and other makers
  • Propose electronics projects and products for the Elektor webshop
  • Learn about new technologies, projects, and design tips
ElektorLabs Online Community -
Design, share, and sell products

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