A good adjustable power supply should be part of every electronics workspace or lab. It is as basic a tool as the multimeter. A lab bench without a power supply is like Barbie without Ken — totally unimaginable. Luckily, there are many good benchtop supplies on the market, so you really have no excuse not to have (access to) one. Even better than a good benchtop power supply is two benchtop power supplies. Why? Because you often need to power several devices or boards at the same time, or you work with a board that requires multiple supply voltages. Let's take a look at the Joy-IT JT-RD6006

Joy-IT JT-RD6006

If you are in the market for a first or second (or even third?) lab benchtop power supply, then have a look at the JT-RD6006 from Joy-IT. This is an inexpensive device with some interesting specifications. Its 2.4” LCD and large rotary encoder make it easy to use. A keypad lets you type in values and store and recall settings quickly. The display has two modes: numeric or oscilloscope (“curve style” as its called). In the second mode it shows the output voltage, -current and -power as graphs against time.  
Joy-IT JT-RD6006 bundle
The Joy-IT JT-RD6006 bundle unpacked in its case.

SMPS Front-End

To be technically correct, the JT-RD6006 is not really a benchtop supply but a front-end. It is a DC/DC buck converter requiring an external power supply or AC/DC converter module to turn it into a complete benchtop supply. An external PSU is not included, unless you go for the RD6006 DC Power Supply Bundle which contains a 60 V industrial AC/DC converter block (SMPS). This bundle also includes a large aluminium housing and a Wi-Fi module.

Control Software

Wi-Fi? Yes indeed, as the RD6006 can be controlled over Wi-Fi from a smartphone (only). There is an app for that. It can also be controlled from a computer over a USB serial port. The control program’s user interface is clear and modern and can be in Chinese, English, French, and German (with English selected, the classic ‘OK’ button becomes a much cooler ‘Sure’ button). According to the program, it is even possible to interconnect several devices on an RS-485 bus and monitor them from one place. Data logging is possible too.

Note that a password is required to open the calibration screen. As it doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere, I will give it here: 168168 (but don’t tell anyone).
Joy-IT JT-RD6006 PC Control Software
The JT-RD6006 can be controlled from a computer over USB or from a smartphone over Wi-Fi.

High-Voltage Rock ‘n’ Roll

Where a typical benchtop supply has an adjustable output voltage of up to 24 V or 30 V and an output current of 2.5 A, maybe 3 A, the JT-RD6006 features an output voltage range from 0 to 60 V with an output current from 0 up to 6 A. This is a total of 360 W, more than enough for most applications. To reach these values, the RD6006’s power supply (AC or DC, up to you) must, of course, be able to deliver this too.

To keep things under control when powering difficult targets, the RD6006 provides overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP) and overtemperature (OTP) protection. A fan switches on when things get too hot inside.

Battery Charger

Besides being useful when working with e.g. audio amplifiers or motor drivers, such a high voltage and so much current is practical for charging all sorts of batteries. Rechargeable batteries are no longer limited to 1.2 V NiMH AA cells, today e-bikes, hoverboards and power tools all use batteries with voltages like 36 V, 42 V, 48 V, 60 V (and some even 120 V or higher). The JT-RD6006 can charge these, it even has a special battery charger function (that displays accumulated charge in Ah) with its own output. Be careful, though, it is a green banana socket that should not be mistaken for the earth connection found on other bench supplies!

The Versatile JT-RD6006

The Joy-IT JT-RD6006 is a versatile benchtop supply front-end with extended battery charging capabilities up to 60 V, 6 A. It requires an external AC/DC power supply and a case as the rear side is open (both are included in the bundle). The device can be controlled from a computer over USB or from a smartphone after installing the Wi-Fi extension module (included in the bundle). Besides being a fine lab benchtop power supply, its high-voltage capabilities also make it a great tool for people servicing things like e-bikes and electric scooters.

Want to know more? Read this detailed review of the JT-RD6006 (bundle).
Joy-IT JT-RD6006 bundle review
Assembling and testing the JT-RD6006 bundle.