20$ Solar Rechargeable Lamp

May 24, 2010 | 11:48
20$ Solar Rechargeable Lamp
20$ Solar Rechargeable Lamp
MIT students introduce a revolutionary product: a solar rechargeable lamp priced at $20. The lamp cat sit on flat surfaces, hang from a peg on a wall, and be carried like a flashlight or worn around the neck. It's designed to withstand drops to the floor and is easy to fix if any part breaks.

Dubbed "Enlight" by its creators—a seven-person team of students from MIT and Rhode Island School of Design—the lamp could eventually be used by millions of people in remote parts of India. The student team will present its prototype to one of India's largest non-governmental organizations, the Energy and Resource Institute, which will consider using Enlight or the concepts behind it in plans to light some 40,000 villages.

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Image by David Lazar, published in National Geographic Magazine
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