Amsterdam Plugs 'n' Parties

May 10, 2010 | 10:01
Amsterdam Plugs 'n' Parties
Amsterdam Plugs 'n' Parties
Amsterdam supports e-cars! Leasing one starts at just 500 Euros a month, and you'll get a free parking space to go with that (expensive stuff in Amsterdam). To top it off, you ALSO get free (green) electricity at the numerous charging points in Amsterdam. All you do is apply at NUON for a free charging card, and you're up and charging in no-time. And your ride doesn’t have to be a Tazzari Zero, it might well be a Tesla Roadster (but to be fair, they don't go for 500 a month...)

To celebrate all this e-positivity & happiness, The New Motion throws a ‘Plug ‘n’ Party’, may 20th. The concept is pretty cool: a DJ plugs in into one of the charging points, and a party emerges. The location will be communicated through text-messages 48 hours before it kicks off. So if you're around, sign up and party along!

If you’re still in doubt, be convinced:

Read more at Plug 'n' Party & Amsterdam Electric
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