As ACTA slowly progresses through the bureaucratic Moloch that is the European Parliament, it received a fourth blow today by the hands of the DEVE committee (Development).

DEVE is the last of four parliamentary committees to formulate an opinion about the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The opinions of the four committees combined serve as an advise to uber-committee INTA (International Trade). INTA on its turn will give a formal recommandation to the European Parliament on whether to ratify or reject ACTA.

Last week, voting sessions were held in the committees ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy), LIBE (Civil Liberties), and JURI (Legal affairs). All advised against ACTA. Now DEVE has joined the ranks.

INTA will vote on june 20 or 21. Then, on July 2, the members of the European Parliament will cast their votes. If the majority votes against it, ACTA can not be ratified in the EU.

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