The CAN Bus Companion book details the use of the Arduino Uno and the Raspberry Pi 4 in practical CAN-bus-based projects. Using either the popular Arduino Uno microcontroller board or the Raspberry Pi with off-the-shelf CAN interface modules considerably eases developing, debugging, and testing CAN-based projects.

The CAN Bus Companion is a Book For Everyone

This book is written for students, practicing engineers, enthusiasts, and for everyone else wanting to learn more about CAN, its bus and its applications. The book assumes that the reader has some knowledge of basic electronics. Knowledge of the C and Python programming languages and programming the Arduino Uno using its IDE. Knowledge of the Raspberry Pi will be useful too, especially if the reader intends to develop microcontroller-based projects using the bus.

See What's Inside

In this video, Elektor's Asma browses through the book and shows you what's inside.