Electric Cargo Boat Supplies Amsterdam

September 29, 2010 | 18:52
Electric Cargo Boat Supplies Amsterdam
Electric Cargo Boat Supplies Amsterdam
The 'City Supplier', an electric cargo boat, is supplying the city of Amsterdam since last thursday. It is the first electric ship from the Mokum Mariteam foundation.

Amsterdam is an old city with many canals which create an excellent infrastructure for transporting cargo. Traditionally, cargo was always transported over water in Amsterdam. Going back to this logistic system means reducing the number of trucks in the heart of the city and thereby increasing the air quality.

The ship has its own crane on board making (un-)loading a simple task and it can stay operational for eight to ten hours. If necessary it could also be powered by two generators on board, for example when the ship needs to leave Amsterdam.

The list of early adaptors is quite impressive, Intercontinental Amstel Hotel, Carre National Theather and Amsterdam Rai amongst others are the first partners in the project to be supplied sustainably.
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