Let's dive deep into the world of Embedded Linux. What exactly is Embedded Linux, and how can you embark on your journey with it? Join us as we engage in a conversation with Michael Opdenacker, the illustrious expert from Bootlin, who unravels the mysteries and boundless possibilities of Embedded Linux.

Linux, a name synonymous with versatility and innovation, has etched its legacy across the digital landscape. Join us on an enchanting expedition as we traverse the remarkable evolution of this iconic operating system, from its conquest of supercomputers to its snug residence in the heart of Raspberry Pi.


  • Witness the extraordinary journey of Linux, a global operating system phenomenon.
  • Explore how Linux, initially conceived as an open-source Unix alternative, became a powerhouse in web servers, supercomputers, and smartphones.
  • Learn how the accessibility of hardware like Beaglebone and Raspberry Pi has democratized Embedded Linux.
  • Delve into the world of Embedded Linux with Michael Opdenacker, a revered figure in the field.
  • Gain insights into the incredible potential of Embedded Linux in various applications.

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