Free Giveaway: Sanük sandals!

March 7, 2010 | 11:41
Free Giveaway: Sanük sandals!
Free Giveaway: Sanük sandals!
Seriously.. I just love these sandals (Not-A-Shoe!). I found Sanük a while back looking for a comfy sandal on the internet. One that you can slip on quick after a surf and that keeps your feet warm, since surfing here in the Netherlands is mostly a cold water affair. But there are some added benefits to buying Sanüks besides warm feet: the guys over there are very eco-conscious. The 'Rasta Wombat'  for instance has soles made out of recycled tires. The rest of the sandal consists of hemp, sustainable latex and cork. For this model Sanük worked together with eco-friendly surfer Dave Rastovich (Rasta), a truly inspiring person and athlete. The 'Hemp' model also fits nicely in Sanük's line of eco-fashion products using 'renewable hemp' as main sandal-ingredient.

I talked with the friendly guys over at Sanük (how can you not love eco-hippies!?) and they will send me a few pairs of Sanük sandals to give away! All to help us save the planet :-) Just leave a comment here, on Twitter or on our Facebook group and tell us why you would like these shoes, whoops.. sandals! Best replies win. Don't forget to fill in your e-mail adress so we can contact you!

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