NSA-inspired Airborne DIY WiFi Sniffer

May 15, 2014 | 16:40
NSA-inspired Airborne DIY WiFi Sniffer
NSA-inspired Airborne DIY WiFi Sniffer
Security consultant Joseph Greenwood looked at the leaked documents listing the NSA's hardware surveillance gadgets and decided to build his own. He mimicked the Sparrow II, a lightweight stand-alone WLAN collection system designed to be deployed by small drones.

December 2013 Der Spiegel reported on the existence of the ANT catalog. A 50 page catalog listing devices created by the ANT division for surveillance and intrusion purposes.

It featured the Sparrow II, a small devise used to map and log access points and associate them with a location. Light enough to be mounted on a drone, it can do so unobtrusively from the air. It also comes with $6000 price tag.

Joseph Greenwood of Hyperion Bristol decided to build an open source version with an open source price: around $170.

For a computer he used a Raspberry Pi, a USB WiFi adapter for WLAN detection, a GPS module for location pinpointing and a USB battery for stand-alone operation. HyperionBristol provides a detailed how-to.

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