Play Harder

But hey, what I really wanted to say is: it’s not a complete loss. My disappointment with videogames didn’t last forever, and I’ve always wanted to recommend a few titles to my fellow geeks. If you still feel like playing videogames and you’re up for some brain exercise, I compiled some mind-expanding games I love in a brief list. And no, I’m not talking about “The Incredible Machine,” or mere puzzle games that obviously resemble circuit design. You probably had a tough day routing that PCB, but anyway: there’s always time left for more challenges!
Braid is a masterpiece that opened up parts of my brain hitherto unused. Concepts like propagation delay were never depicted so beautifully.
If you do not know Portal, you should. It’s a wonderful, mind-bending title that will change the way you look at the mirror every morning.
Fez makes you solve puzzles and find your way alternating between 2-D and 3-D perspectives. You did that before, right? Well, this way, you didn’t.
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