Who Needs an Intuitive Electric Screwdriver?

June 6, 2019 | 11:46

Goodbye plumb bob, hello intuitive electric screwdriver

Elektor TV - tournevis électrique - ES121 Motion Control Electric Screwdriver (Steel)
No, it’s not a gadget, but a real tool,
an electric screwdriver that can win over
amateurs and professionnals alike!
In evolving, the techniques of design, construction and manufacturing influence the frequency of replacement, faster or slower, of our tools. This replacement responds to the double needs of sellers and buyers, a domain where what is good for one is good for all. Then one day something appears which was previously totally unknown, such as a laser level for example. Very quickly, it replaces other tools (like the plumb bob and the spirit level) which, having served for centuries without any notable evolution, are relegated to the bin.

The cost of renewing our tools varies almost as much as our characters. It’s faster or slower depending on how finicky you are, more sentimental or wholly rational. Ask the question “Do I need an intuitive screwdriver?” and you’ve already replied to it; it’s just a question of time. A procrastination until the curves of seduction and of need (real or imagined) meet.

And smash…. You break the piggy-bank for an electric screwdriver

Manual tools like screwdrivers are not the ones that usually benefit from spectacular improvements. As for the electronics, no problem there, it miniaturizes as if by magic and can be found everywhere. On the other hand, there has been a lot of effort to reduce the size of energy sources, power components and displays, without compromising the quality of the final product. Thanks to the combination of the development of Li-Po batteries and miniaturization of the mechanical and power components, the good old screwdriver gets a makeover here. If you have new or preconceived prejudices against this type of innovation, they are about to be tested.

Intuitive control of direction of rotation

The tricks used in this new manual tool are pretty surprising. For example, the intuitive control of changing the direction of rotation by sensing the position of the hand holding the screwdriver. The same with the speed of rotation: the angle of the hand holding the screwdriver will speed up or slow down the rotation.

Without frills or special effects, the excellent video below demonstrates in a clear and convincing fashion the electro-mechanical characteristics of a robust stainless steel electric screwdriver, with a 1:64 planetary gearbox and a speed of 380 RPM. The author shows many details which the experienced user will want to know. I think for example of the high stopped torque (30 kgf.cm), ideal for loosening a really tight screw, before changing to a rapid unscrewing mode with a normal torque (1.5 kgf.cm).
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