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Sascha Löbbert
Sascha Löbbert 18 hours ago
Hey, that looks good. I am going to install my Weatherstation the next days as weather gets warmer. But first only with Windspeed and direction and the Bme280. 
Firmware update ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
PeterN 19 hours ago
Hi Stepdes, you see theese lines in the beginning of the code:play.setup 0,64 'play.setup 1,64 ' external DAC, max Buffer Second line is for external DAC and commented out at the moment with ' Change that to  ' play.setup 0,64 play.setup 1,64 ' external DAC, max Buffer  And after a powerdown of the module the next start should be with digital output. Look at he help file of annex32 with F2-Key while you are in the script. There you will find a description of wiring PCM5102. But i  found there is a twist of to pins there!I found a different connection scheme than in the ANNEX help file.   The LCK/LRC- and BCK/BCLK- pins at  the ESP32 appear to be reversed.  This works here on my board for ESP32 and  PCM5102A: Lck <--> ESP32  GPIO26   (helpfile says wrongly IO05 is LRCK) BCK <--> ESP32 GPIO05  (helpfile says wrongly GPIO26 is BCLK) Din <--> ESP32 GPIO02   (OK) VCC <--> ESP32 V5  (5Volt) FLT, DMP, SCL, FMT <--> ESP32 GND XMT <--> 3V3 I append a foto that shows my ESP32Board and a PCM5102A I hope that will help you. Good luck and stay save! PETER  
M5Stack/ESP32 Internet Radio with ANNEX32-RDS
gabo93 22 hours ago
Buenas podria compartir las Conexiones del PMS7003 y El scetch Que suo porfavor  
Portable dust pollution display with temp and Humidity:
Stepdes 1 day ago
Hey,  I have tried this with a a ESP32S board, i also have a PCM5102 board. When i listen on pin 22 and gnd with a headphone i hear music, so the script is working. How do i connect the PCM5102 board and do i need to change the script? Thnx
M5Stack/ESP32 Internet Radio with ANNEX32-RDS
robvh 2 days ago
Oups, the first day of summertime the lights were on one hour earlier than expected. The second day it was okay again. Reason? The time is changed at 2:00 AM, the time of sunrise/sunset is calculated at midnight. This is corrected in the now sketch.
Timer for remote sockets