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780gordond 5 hours ago
If you haven't modified the code it should work, assuming things are wired correctly. To verify the code works I reprogrammed my project with Blink, verified that worked, then downloaded the code off the Elektor site and reprogrammed my project with the thermometer code and it does work. So, although your testing seems to point at the code I'm confident the code is fine. I don't have alot of experience with oled displays but they can sure appear to be dead if the back light isn't turned on. Also, have you measured the Reset pin behaviour? Not sure how much this helps, but I'm sure the code is not your problem.
Robust RTD-based Thermometer
Jacques Mr BUFFARD
Jacques Mr BUFFARD 8 hours ago
Merci, Bien pensé, simple et efficace
Power supply watchdog for microcontroller systems
Hens Baltesen
Hens Baltesen 14 hours ago
Thank you!
Power supply watchdog for microcontroller systems
steve parker
steve parker 23 hours ago
Hi.  Thank you for sharing your very interesting and useful project.  I have built it on a home brew PCB but the code will not drive the OLED 1306. It does not light at all.  Have also isolated the LCD only on a breadborad and code will not drive the LCD in that setup either.  Trying to isolate the isue I can drive the LCD with the original milliohm code so it is not a defective LCD. I know this is a quite old article but I hope you may have some ideas to help me figure out what is going on with the code.  Thank you.
Robust RTD-based Thermometer
sl95 2 days ago
Here is the last improvements in Arduino code, and my prototype finally has 2 Arduino boards and drivers to drive two pairs of 24V DC system garlands . There is now 11 programs to aminate lights.  
Variable brightness controller for Christmas LED lights with Arduino